After releasing the very first Princess motor yacht in 1965 – 31-ft Project 31 – Princess Yachts have become a leader of the motor yacht industry. Legendary flybridge models, innovative long-range X Class, sporty V and S Class as well as the newest R Class with outstanding high-performance characteristics – every single Princess yacht represents the ultimate handcrafted luxury on water that provides its owners with best experiences. What makes Princess Yachts stand out from other motor yacht brands? The core of the brand concept is vivid – every Princess yacht owner experiences the exceptionally built yachts with phenomenal level of handcrafted detailing. Perfect maneuverability and handling, beautifully furnished luxurious interiors, durability and comfort – this is what is concealed in every Princess yacht. Located in Plymouth, Great Britain, Princess Yachts’ shipyard has one of the most advanced building infrastructures in the world that enables the construction of high-quality motor yachts implementing on board technologies of the future. Every Princess yacht conceives a perfect balance of style and material that unifies innovations and heritage, creativity and cutting-edge technologies. Being a part of Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (LVMH), Princess Yachts is a synonym of luxury yachting that has become one of the most influential brands in the world.

Brief history of Princess Yachts Limited


Princess Yachts established as Marine Projects (Plymouth) Ltd to deal with technical maintenance and chartering of Project 31 yacht. Afterwards, the yacht was sold. The company then realized that it was a good chance to grow substantially by selling yachts. Between 1966 and 1969 more than 150 yachts have been successfully built and sold.


After Project 31 success, Princess started to make GRP-formation and released its first Princess 32 that was then showcased during boat show in London. In a decade, more than 1200 yachts have been sold, what made this yacht a true best-seller of all time. Local and foreign agents were hired and the distributor network was.


John Bennett appointed to design two new models to compliment Princess 32.


Princess 37 had had launched during boat show in London, as well as Princess 25 was introduced later that year.


Based on Princess 37 the very first flybridge yachts launched in different variations. In addition, the Lee Mill infrastructure was opened as a mould store, developed by Bernard Olesinski.


Princess 30DS was the first next-generation yacht designed by Bernard Olesinski.


More than 500 yachts sold. This trend started a brand new approach. Its core idea lays in profound salon detailing of every model. This is one of the core brand concepts Princess Yachts still follows.


Premiere of the Princess 45, the all-time design of a motor yacht and the biggest, which was mass produced at that time. More 900 yachts have been sold in 9 years. Princess 45 was replaced by the newest Princess 455.


The very first sport yacht built – Princess 286 R. It was developed for the needs of the Mediterreanean market.


Brand new manufacturing facility «Langage 1» is built with volume 4200 sq. m in Plymouth.


Princess 62 is launched. It was the largest mass-produced motor yacht built in Britain.


First V class sport yachts are built: Princess V39 and Princess V52, which were later established as a base for future yachts.


The very first «Metre» yacht is built – Princess 20 Metre.


New headquarters opened on Newport street. The shipyard acquires Coypool facility (30000 sq.m), also Langage facility is extended to Langage 2 to produce V class yachts. Princess 52 construction started, which were the first yachts to have electronic diesel engines installed.


Princess v65 mass production started, the largest yacht of the range.


Marine Projects renamed to Princess Yachts International plc.


The company celebrates 40thanniversary, being the world leader in yacht mass-production.


The construction of Princess 95 Motor yacht flagship started.


Princess V class extended to Princess V85, the biggest yacht in the range. Princess 85 Motor Yacht, Princess 50 and Princess V62 also added to the model list.


Princess Yachts is to be the first European yacht manufacturer to acquire ISO14001 certificate as a recognition of achievements in lowering negative impact on nature. 5 new yachts are added to the model range with Princess 72 Motor Yacht and Princess V85-S. Princess climbs 37 points up in Sunday Times HSBC Top track 250 rating.


Princess Yachts presents the very first M class yacht during London Boat Show – Princess 32M, and 3 other boats later that year. Princess acquires ownership of South Yard industrial complex from the Ministry of Defense and funding from the regional development government to increase the growth of the production.


Princess Yachts achieves British standard OHSAS 18001 certificate in security management and health of the employees. Princess Yachts becomes the first major British motor yacht manufacturer to achieve RINA Green Plus (Y) level for every yacht in V class and flybridge range with length under 24 meters.


This year is very important for the shipyard. V39 – the smallest yacht built for the last decade as well as the biggest superyacht every built in history of the shipyard – Princess 40M. The 132-feet superyacht listed as the biggest yacht built in Great Britain with resin-unfused composite hull. Princess V52 prized as «Best sportcruiser 45 ft+». David King founder and CEO of Princess Yachts Ltd awarded with special jury prize «Motor Boat of the Year Awards 2012». Princess V39 awarded in USA as «Best foreign motor yacht 30-40 feet» during AIM Media Marine Group Editor’s Choice Award 2012. In 2012 V57, 56 and Princess V62-S were built reaching the total number of new added yachts in the year to 5.


The release of Princess 52, 82 Motor Yacht and 88 Motor Yacht. The shipyard starts building the first yacht with IPS drive system – Princess V48. The first Princess 40M superyacht is awarded with prestigious World Superyacht Award in nominations «Trideck gliding or semi-displacement motor yacht» and «Best mass produced motor yacht from 24 to 40 m» during 9-th Asia Boating Awards. The other M class yacht – Princess 32M – is awarded with «Best mass produced motor yacht in the range of 30m» during Hurun Report’s Best of the Best Awards. It was also a successful year for V class. V39 was awarded second year in a row as «Best sportcruiser under 45 feet» during Motor Boat Awards. In Japan V52 awarded as «Best foreign large yacht» and «Yacht of the 2012». The company awarded with «Large Company of the Year» during Herald Business Awards 2013 and «Best brand collection» during Helm Singapore Yacht Show.


Princess presents Princess S72, the brand-new S class yacht with sportbridge. The development of the new M class superyacht is in full swing, which will be announced in 2015. Two flybridge yachts awarded: Princess 43 wins in the category «Flybridge yacht under 55 feet» during Motor boat Awards and Princess 56 wins «Best foreign large yacht» during Boat of the year in Japan.


Princess Yachts celebrates its 50thanniversary since the establishment in 1965. For this occasion, Princess Yachts releases renovated Project 31 – the very first Princess yacht. The yacht was showcased during Cannes Yachting Festival along with the sales start of Princess 35M. S class range updated with Princess S65. Later this year the shipyard launched open versions of Princess V58 and V48. Princess S72 and V48 are awarded during Motor Boat Awards. Princess 40M wins the category «Best semi-custom yacht in the World in the range 25 m+» during Asia Pacific Boating Awards.


The English shipyard launches new Princess 75 Motor Yacht and new M class superyacht – Princess 30M. Princess 49 with IPS engine added to the flybridge range.


In January two Princess yachts – 75 Motor Yacht and V58 – are awarded as «Best Yacht of the Year» during Motor Boat Awards. The shipyard refreshed its sports yacht range with Princess V40, which premiered at boot Düsseldorf in Germany. The brand-new Princess S60 showcased during London Boat Show. Princess 30M superyacht wins «Best semi-custom superyacht in the range from 30 to 33.9 m» during World Superyacht Awards. During Cannes and Southampton yacht festivals Princess 55 and 62 were premiered. In Cannes Princess Yachts presented its first unique client-oriented service – Princess Lifeline SOS-service. 2017 is a record-breaking year for Princess Yachts: the volume of the order book exceeds 1 billion dollars. Today the company is one of the bespoke luxury yachts manufacturer, that builds 20 different models in the range of superyachts, motor flybridge yachts. V class sport yachts and S class sportbridges, R class performance yachts in the range 39 to 132 feet and has a network with more than 50 distributors around the world.