The perfection of form, bespoke inner space functionality, supreme quality of every detail on board makes every single Princess yacht a true work of art. Princess Yachts factory is located in the city of Plymouth in Great Britain and covers more than 100 sq. km. In various workshops more than 3000 professionals craft one of the most complex and advanced yachts in the world. More than 85% of all yacht compartments are produced by Princess Yachts, in the heart of British yachting industry.

In Ā«Princess InsideĀ» series we showcase how we produce technologically advanced yachts every day. You will see how uniquely formatted hulls are constructed, the work of loom, metal and furniture shops. Consequently, you will see the whole process of how Princess yachts are built from the very beginning till the moment they are tested during sea-trials.

We will show you our special showroom with full size mock-ups of Princess yachts, built for purpose not to lose any vital detail during the construction, while craftsmen will narrate every step of yacht construction.